This week, the boys finally break down Hour 23 of 24 season 2, and it's a doozy! Jack Bauer practices bad medicine. Sherry Palmer suffers a flesh wound, Kim Bauer meets her Spider-man, and Tobin Bell continues to play those Tobin Bell games. We call out LA's pitiful excuse for a river.
Highlights include:
  • Bad war profiteering
  • Knife gifts
  • The Cage Fight Amendment
  • The Witch Kim of Angmar
  • Michael wonders what even is crime?
This week, the boys break down Hour 22 of 24 season 2, and things start to get WILD. David Palmer fights against his captivity, Jack makes a new buddy, Sherry Palmer misreads a situation, and Gary Matheson comes home for the essentials: dollars, drugs and drawers. Kim pops and can't stop.
Highlights include:
  • Dudes being dudes being guys.
  • Advanced puppy calculus
  • Doubletap for daddy?
  • Curtis weaves a tangled Tom Hanks web of deception
  • Dollars, Drugs and Drawers
This week, the boys break down Hour 21 of 24 season 2! This week, Jack Bauer kills a mirror, Tony Almeida swings that thang, and David Palmer faces a drastic miscarriage of the 25th amendment. We are all deeply, profoundly drunk through the entire episode. Enjoy!
Better hold your mud because this week the boys break down Hour 20 of 24 season 2! Jack returns from the grave for a dose of the worst medicine of all time. Lynne Kresge takes a tumble. David Palmer faces a coup. Tony Almeida swings that thang. The boys talk too much, again.
Highlights include:
  • Just your standard lung paralysis drug.
  • Wednesday Adams goes boom.
  • Whatever the opposite of Urban Dictionary is
  • Still. No. Kim.
This week, the boys break down Hour 19 of 24 Season 2, and Jack Bauer engages in some non-consensual nip play. We celebrate our first Kim-free episode, David Palmer faces a new threat, and we meet our newest villain: Jigsaw.
Highlights include:
  • Mike throws a B52 off a helicarrier.
  • Michael unburdens himself.
  • Curtis declares war on behalf of the Secretary of Commerce.
  • Bargain-bin James Spader gets weird on them nips.
This week, the boys break down Hour 18 of 24 Season 2, and there was a FIREFIGHT. Jack and Yusuf kill a few dozen dudes, Kate notches her first kill, and David Palmer drops the hammer on Marietta, GA. Kim meets some new beans, spills them.
Highlights include:
  • Curtis gives us the talk.
  • Marietta, the town that never sleeps.
  • Do federal agencies keep K/D ratios?
  • Michael remembers the friends we made along the way.
  • Sandler power rankings
It's finally the Wiiiitching Hour on Season 2 of 24, and the boys mostly just ignore the show this episode. Jack Bauer goes rogue once again and meets up with the Coral Snake brigade. David Palmer gets slow-walked into a military coup, and a murderer mansplains crime to Kim. The 24 writers' room struggles with the military. It's a doozy!
Highlights include:
  • Collusion!
  • What even is a Delta Force?
  • Jack makes a friend
  • Michelle Dessler practices very unsafe IT security.
This week, the boys break down Hour 16 of 24 Season 2, and everyone's got consequences to face. Jack Bauer returns to CTU, Tony gets crossed up so bad he leaves the court, Michelle finds a brand new conspiracy, and David Palmer gets ready for war. We join all the secret societies.
Highlights include:
  • Snooper roofles.
  • Queen Elizabeth, head of the Belluminati
  • Jack breaks Syed Ali twice
  • Curtis demands more Tom Hanks, weird.
  • Kim finds more mortal peril.
This week, the boys break down Hour 15 of 24 season 2, and things get spicy. Jack taxis down the nopeway from Nopeton Airfield, David Palmer steals footage from Air Force One, George Mason grabs some glory, and Kim Bauer meets another cougar. We all pour one out for our boy.
Highlights include:
  • Another one of the worst phone possible calls to overhear.
  • CTU intrigues!
  • Tony’s terrorist dowsing rod.
This week, the boys break down Hour 14 of 24 Season 2, and we're finally getting places. Michael needlessly and cruelly mocks Xander Berkeley's hairline, Curtis finally settles the great Tom Hanks vs. Denzel Washington, and Cush gets escorted by Agent Tom Baker. We all get mad at Force Ghosts.
Highlights include:
  • G Mase Kreuger
  • Warner Sisters
  • We've got a Broken Arrow!
  • Sherry Palmer finally gets hers

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