The boys are finally back to break down Hour 7 of season 3 of 24, and by golly someone's getting these dang hands. Ramon Salazar works on getting drunk enough to defenestrate, Jack Bauer makes a Most Unnecessary Kill, and Michael finds a big stack of money in the molestand.
This week (month?) the boys finally break down Hour 6 of 24 Season 3, and boy howdy it's a doozy. Curtis finally remembered to hit record, Jack Bauer and Ramon Salazar make a break for it, and we create the summer's hottest new show – Jared Leto Presents: Celebrity Plane Jousting.
The boys are back to break down Hour 5 of 24 season 3! This week, everyone at CTU learns the shocking truth that Kim is bad at her job. Jack and Ramon make a break for it and are immediately stopped. Chase tries out the latest in AR, and David Palmer makes a whoopsie uh-oh.
This week, the boys break down Hour 4 of 24 season 3, and it's a dang riot. Kyle Singer sees a Shevy Chillveradro, Jack takes no answer for an answer, Michelle Dessler takes charge, and Tony Almeida takes pride in his theoretical heritage. David Palmer does his thing.
This week, the boys break down Hour 3 of 24 season 3, and all hell breaks loose. Gael Ortega gets up to mole shenanigans, Jack Bauer is just itching for that good horse, Kyle Singer pays the rent and Tony Almeida gets a bit too big for his britches. Chloe starts to grow on all of us.
The boys break down Hour 2 of 24Season 3, and Mike finally makes a coherent argument why Tom Hanks needs to do better. Unfortunately, it requires praising Tim Allen. Jack kicks a horse. Kim spills all kinds of beans. David consults a physician, and WE GET A MOLE ALERT!
The boys are back for a brand new day – it's finally 24 season 3, and Jack Bauer sure picked a bad day to quit shooting heroin! David Palmer gets up to his old tricks, Kim Bauer has an unlikely new career, Tony and Michelle are bad at marriage, and hey, is that Zachary Quinto? Curtis refuses to make predictions.
The boys are finally back with the season finale of 24 season 2! Jack takes a ride on the neck-go-round, Peter Kingsley likes to play a game, Tony says yeah, and David Palmer gets a redemptive handshake. We run completely out of time.
This week, the boys finally break down Hour 23 of 24 season 2, and it's a doozy! Jack Bauer practices bad medicine. Sherry Palmer suffers a flesh wound, Kim Bauer meets her Spider-man, and Tobin Bell continues to play those Tobin Bell games. We call out LA's pitiful excuse for a river.
Highlights include:
  • Bad war profiteering
  • Knife gifts
  • The Cage Fight Amendment
  • The Witch Kim of Angmar
  • Michael wonders what even is crime?
This week, the boys break down Hour 22 of 24 season 2, and things start to get WILD. David Palmer fights against his captivity, Jack makes a new buddy, Sherry Palmer misreads a situation, and Gary Matheson comes home for the essentials: dollars, drugs and drawers. Kim pops and can't stop.
Highlights include:
  • Dudes being dudes being guys.
  • Advanced puppy calculus
  • Doubletap for daddy?
  • Curtis weaves a tangled Tom Hanks web of deception
  • Dollars, Drugs and Drawers

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