Oh snap, the boys are back! We break down Hour 7 of 24 season 2 and catch up on all of Jack Bauer's good shenanigans. After a bit of a hiatus, we dive right back into the bustling town of Visalia, CA – City of Industry! In what is essentially a Chamber of Commerce-sponsored tourism ad for Visalia, the boys continue to dunk on the Warner sisters, love on Tony Almeida and admire Jack's murder restraint. Buckle up and check out the ruins of Visalia's only antique store.
This week, we discuss Hour 6 of 24 Season 2. This week, Jack Bauer keeps cool under pressure, Tony's true form is unleashed, Kate Warner reveals the true extent of her terrible sister powers, and Miguel channels his inner Chuck Norris. It's a heck of an episode.
Highlights include:
  • Careless whispershouts.
  • Nina loses her hands and feets.
  • Jack Bauer, senseless murder puppy.
  • Curtis admits he has a nerd problem.
This week, we discuss Hour 5 of 24 Season 2. And man, you can really tell we didn't want to. Jack finds himself back in command, Kim finds a new boyfriend, and Marie Warner finds out you can't banish an FBI agent with white privilege. Paula loses more of that very important blood.
Highlights include:
  • Chopper problems.
  • We slurp from your soup bowl.
  • Curtis bombs the harbor.
  • 24: Cult sounds cool as hell.
This week, we discuss Hour 4 of 24 Season 2, and dammit Kiefer found out about the drinking game. Jack Bauer gets his men, Kim finds some legal trouble, Tony Almeida struggles with command, and G Mase prepares for organ soup in his pants. We wonder where all the dang ZIP disks went. We're pretty sure that puppy is OK.
Highlights include:
  • Curtis casts the spell, Dickbag Leviosa
  • Mike shares his uncle's VERY GOOD visualization techniques.
  • Kate Warner is the absolute damn worst.
  • Hey NYC...LA heard you were talking shit.
This week, we discuss Hour 3 of 24 Season 2 and we make a definitive call – the Oxford comma sucks. Jack Bauer makes a special delivery, Kim saves her smaller self, Kate is a bad sister, and Cubby survives. Patriots make an explosive entrance, and Curtis writes a deeply erotic novel.
Highlights include:
  • Sean Astin is a Stranger Things serial killer. Sorry.
  • Lynne Kresge makes an enemy.
  • Fucking, War and Peace
  • Curtis defines a nope-able situation.
We're back to discuss Hour 2 of 24 Season 2, and Jack finally gets ahead of some terrorists. The boys discuss emergency evacuations, Kim Bauer makes two very bad choices, Palmer gets horrible diarrhea, and Dave the terrorist develops some late-life joint problems.
Highlights include:
  • Mass hysteria and panic, drink!
  • G Mase gets up to his old tricks.
  • Curtis explains the Great Theory of Nope.
  • Tony swangin' that thang.
  • Hey there, Cowboy.
October 20, 2017

Day 2, Hour 1: Jacksaw

We're back with Season 2 of 24, and the boys were excited to see Jack add a new phase to the cycle of grief: murder. David Palmer goes fishing, Kim Bauer makes a run for it, and Jack learns the blade. We're already out of time.
Highlights include:
  • Oops, they really leaned into the brown terrorists.
  • Mini-Kim gonna Kim.
  • Y'all, I just don't trust Gary.
  • CTU Mole Race has begun.
This week, the boys take a stroll down memory lane to help Curtis work out all the feelings that 24 Season 1 made him feel. We talk moles, Sherry's terrible betrayal, and what the future holds for one Jack Bauer. We'll kick off Season 2 next week, so buckle up your butts.
September 29, 2017

Day 1, Hour 24: Bauer Begins

This week, we break down Hour 24 of 24 Season 1, and dammit we do it live! David makes an important staffing decision, the Drazens make a critical mistake, Jack unleashes the vans of war, and Nina shows off her Rosetta Stone skills.
This week, we break down Hour 23 of 24 Season 1 and Things. Finally. Pop. Off. We finally learn the second mole in CTU, Jack and Palmer have an explosive reunion, Sherry shows her true colors, and Kim takes a leap of, well, not faith.
Highlights include:
  • A trip to the orchard.
  • Seriously, can Teri's day get any worse?
  • Call an employment lawyer.
  • The boys do their level best to break Mike in half.

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