October 20, 2017

Day 2, Hour 1: Jacksaw

We're back with Season 2 of 24, and the boys were excited to see Jack add a new phase to the cycle of grief: murder. David Palmer goes fishing, Kim Bauer makes a run for it, and Jack learns the blade. We're already out of time.
Highlights include:
  • Oops, they really leaned into the brown terrorists.
  • Mini-Kim gonna Kim.
  • Y'all, I just don't trust Gary.
  • CTU Mole Race has begun.
This week, the boys take a stroll down memory lane to help Curtis work out all the feelings that 24 Season 1 made him feel. We talk moles, Sherry's terrible betrayal, and what the future holds for one Jack Bauer. We'll kick off Season 2 next week, so buckle up your butts.
September 29, 2017

Day 1, Hour 24: Bauer Begins

This week, we break down Hour 24 of 24 Season 1, and dammit we do it live! David makes an important staffing decision, the Drazens make a critical mistake, Jack unleashes the vans of war, and Nina shows off her Rosetta Stone skills.
This week, we break down Hour 23 of 24 Season 1 and Things. Finally. Pop. Off. We finally learn the second mole in CTU, Jack and Palmer have an explosive reunion, Sherry shows her true colors, and Kim takes a leap of, well, not faith.
Highlights include:
  • A trip to the orchard.
  • Seriously, can Teri's day get any worse?
  • Call an employment lawyer.
  • The boys do their level best to break Mike in half.
This week, we break down Hour 22 of 24 Season 1 and bask in the first episode without any Kim Bauer dialogue. David Palmer begins to test executive privilege, Sherry hatches a sexy plot, Teri puts Nina in an awkward position, and Jack gets his bell rung. It's almost so ready to pop off, you guys.
Highlights include:
  • The Kim Bauer Quiet Hour
  • Victor Drazen pops off.
  • Playing some pattycake!
  • My dinner-a Borak, very nice.
This week, the boys pour one out for everyone's hero: Lou Diamond Phillips, secret DoD prison warden. David Palmer gets a sensual back rub, Jack has some tummy issues, Teri gets more bad news and Kim epitomizes white privilege. Jack Bauer's murderous rage begins to coil like a spring.
Highlights include:
  • We all do our best Victor Drazen accent, and it turns out we're better than Dennis Hopper.
  • Kim refuses to take any blame for her bad choices.
  • We cut five minutes of David Palmer sex improv. You're welcome.
  • Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters
This week, we break down Hour 20 of 24 Season 1. Jack Bauer makes friends with Lou Diamond Phillips, David Palmer completes the implosion of his marriage, Andre Drazen proves his tactical genius, and Kim begins her law career. The Drazen family reveals its most hilarious accent yet.
Highlights include:
  • Curtis finally tells us what he thinks of David Palmer.
  • Sherry goes sub-zero.
  • A wild Adam Sandler appears.
  • Tase everyone, bro.
  • The Father, the Young Guns, and the Serbian Ghosts
This week, we discuss Hour 19 of 24 season 1...it's mostly about the dumbest drug deal of all time. David Palmer has the longest press conference of all time to finally send his son to jail, Tony finally makes himself useful, Frank makes a deal, and Jack spends some time in a field. Jovan offers Teri a very bad deal.
Highlights include:
  • Frank makes a ginger friend.
  • Kim conveniently gets smart for a minute. And then dumb again.
  • Did George Mason and I just become best friends?
  • Sherry remains the best and only Palmer worth liking.
  • Cush Zunes in on the action.
August 17, 2017

Day 1, Hour 18: Bauer Bonds

This week, we discuss Hour 18 of 24 season 1. Jack Bauer makes a friend in a flower pot, Kim gets caught in the dumbest drug deal of all time, and David plays gotcha journalism with Sherry. Michael gives a history lesson on bearer bonds, and the boys take an hour and a half to make the most obvious joke imaginable.
Highlights include:
  • Your shirt is my shirt.
  • Curtis flies under the radar better than Sully.
  • Captain America sucks.
  • Whoa, is that Scarface on the podcast?
  • That's one way to slow someone down.
This week, we discuss Hour 17 of 24 season 1. The boys discuss Kim’s apparent immortality, while amnesiac Teri meets a doctor with a briefcase full of dildos. Jack Bauer lays a trap that goes horribly, predictably wrong, and Elizabeth has a pointed conversation. We finally start running out of time.
Highlights include:
  • Kim MacBauer of the Clan MacBauer
  • Teri is the most indiscreet adulterer of all time.
  • Jack explains the magic of fiber optics.
  • David Palmer remains true to his self.
  • Stab on them folks.

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